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Fiber Ethernet High-Speed Connection

A Fiber Ethernet service is a high-speed connection delivered over fiber-optic lines. It is used by businesses to provide a stable and dedicated Ethernet connection for the Internet as well as other applications. VPN access, web hosting, data backup, file sharing, email, and video all use Ethernet. It can provide high-speed bandwidth between 1 Mbps and 10 Gbps.
Due to its incredible speed, Fiber Ethernet has become immensely popular among businesses in the US. Here are some of the reasons why:

Reasons Why Businesses Choose Ethernet

• Speed

The primary reason for Fiber Ethernet’s popularity is its super high speed. It is several times faster than the highest-speed copper Internet connections. The upload and download speeds are similar, unlike other internet connections where the download speeds are much higher. High internet speed helps boost productivity in a business.

• Reliability

Fiber internet connectivity is much more reliable than copper internet connectivity as fiber is stronger than copper. It is not affected by bad weather conditions and is also resistant to human and electrical interference. Unreliable internet connections can cause unplanned downtime, negatively impacting communication and productivity.

• Security

You cannot hack Ethernet cables. It is, however, possible to tap into a copper line. Fiber Ethernet cables work by emitting light pulses instead of electricity. Thus, Fibre Ethernet is your insurance policy against cybercrime.

• Improved Cloud experience

Businesses these days process and manage a lot of data. Hence, they use cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive to store data on remote servers. Cloud services need high speed and bandwidth for optimum performance, which makes Fiber Ethernet the perfect choice.

• Scalability

When using Fiber Ethernet, you can easily upgrade the speed of your business internet with just a phone call. As your business grows, it becomes very easy to meet your business needs as you can scale the speed and bandwidth according to your requirements.

• Distance

Fiber Ethernet cables can transmit signals to a greater distance as compared to copper lines. Signals in copper lines tend to degrade as the distance increases, but not with Fiber Ethernet. You can run fiber cables for nearly 25 miles with absolutely no degradation.

• Cost-saving

The installation cost of fiber networks is higher than copper or coaxial lines. However, increased productivity and no disruptions easily help you recover the money invested. Since networks are weather-proof and hack-proof, your business is safeguarded against inclement weather disruptions and cyber attacks.

• Durability

Fiber cables are sturdier than copper cables despite being thinner and lighter. They can withstand high pressure and are resistant to blunt force damage. These cables also do not pose a fire hazard. The durability and safety of Fiber Ethernet cables can help save you thousands of dollars in maintenance and repairs.

• Latency

The delay in transmission between two points is called latency. Light is the fastest entity in the universe. Since fiber cables use light to transmit internet signals, transmission happens with tremendous speeds with no latency issues. You get better quality VoIP calls, move more data to the cloud, and upload and download large files with no interruptions.

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